Robert Gaymer-Jones - 

Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Blue Horse Hotel Management Company

Robert has worked in the luxury hotel and restaurant industry for the past 40 years and has experience as CEO for a global luxury chain with over 120 hotels under his management.

As CEO of Blue Horse Hotel Management Company, he makes sure his team delivers on brand promises and extracts the best performance from Hotels and Restaurants through consulting and management.

Robert has created his own personal style of management, engaging team members at all levels of the hotel with an energetic approach developing an environment of success. He understands the various factors to encourage personal ownership and success in hotel operations. His in-depth knowledge delivers in all areas of performance of the hotel, from design to operations. Budgeting to Sales and Marketing. Revenue management to training and recruitment.

Blue Horse Hotel Management Company’s vision to create a “Lean Approach to a Profitable Hotel Management Model” is the new way of shared success in the hospitality industry.