The 2017 schedule will be up soon!

In the mean time, take a look at some of last year's speaker sessions. 

The New Meaning of Being WELL Traveled

The concept of global wellness is on the rise – in just ten years, it has grown by 50% and currently sits at a $3 Trillion dollar industry. Consumers now expect wellness to be incorporated into their daily activities, including travel. And the discerning luxury consumer wants bespoke experiences that will transform and engage them, even after they’ve left the destination. Susan E. Docherty, CEO of Canyon Ranch, the original haven of holistic health, will highlight the importance of incorporating wellness into your strategy and outline best practices for creating meaningful programs.

Fear-less: Inspiring Travel in a Time of Uncertainty

We live in uncertain times and many of your customers feel as if danger lurks around every corner. Fear paralyzes us from living the lives we want to live and experience the things we want to experience. And it can have a severe impact on our businesses. Joe will discuss ways in which the hotel industry can help its customers fear less and live more.

Loyalty 2020: From Participation to Equity

Addressing the continuous challenge to balance emotional, financial and aspirational needs of all stakeholders while benefitting from new consumer interpretation of collectorship. How will brands seek to redeem themselves though the concept of loyalty and reinvent the heart of so-called ‘engagement programs’ to pay real-world dividends.